Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Outcomes.

Clinical Performance


  • Collects and analyzes data in real time at the point of interaction between patients and care teams
  • Identifies emerging clinical patterns and visualizes patient-specific decision support
  • Displays variability in clinical processes for quality improvement
Administration Performance


  • Tracks all providers, procedures and services for reimbursement
  • Spotlights waste and aligns reimbursement with true cost of care
  • Displays real-time resource utilization for capacity management
Health IT Administration

Health IT

  • T6 is a powerful patient and business intelligence tool for seeing and understanding trends and opportunities
  • Supports APIs, HL7® and FHIR® data exchange standards to enhance existing IT investments
  • Deploys in a cloud, on-premises, or as combination of infrastructure resources
  • Triage

  • ED

  • Advanced Sepsis

  • Stroke

  • Trauma

  • Traumatic Arrest

  • Infectious Disease

  • Myocardial Infarction

  • Surgery

  • Critical Care

T6 is a fully interoperable Apple® iPad® application for use on the front lines of medical and surgical emergencies, including trauma, shock, severe sepsis, respiratory failure and advanced multiorgan failure.

In real time, the system collects and analyzes a wide range of clinical data from touch-screen entries and connected devices to identify emerging clinical patterns and visualize patient-specific guidelines, checklists and risk scores to bolster situational awareness, augment human judgement and encourage evidence-based practice.

EHR and device agnostic, T6 compiles all clinical data and activity into the patient’s unified electronic health record and links clinical and financial data to provide a full picture of healthcare trends and opportunities.

Continuum of critical care

T6 supports critical care patients presenting with a wide range of medical and surgical emergencies, including trauma, acute cardiac events, COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, shock, sepsis, respiratory issues and multiorgan failure.


Identifies immediate threats to life and infectious risks in patients seeking emergency care, and sorts patients to receive prompt and specific care, including during mass casualty or pandemic events.


Documents the initial assessment, resuscitation and stabilization of patients with a wide range of medical and surgical emergencies.

Critical Care

Documents and informs the daily multisystem care of critically ill patients.


Documents procedural and operative interventions required during the course of critical illness and recovery.


Improves team communication and situational awareness for physicians and nurses using a powerful census and simplified documentation and data visualization tools.

Rapid Response

Uses a workflow designed specifically for helping critical care rapid response teams to assess and predict risks for patients with clinical deterioration who may require admission to the ICU.


Documents assessments and treatments for patients recovering from acute critical illness, and uses analytics to predict risks and anticipate setbacks and complications.


Summarizes the course of critical illness and notes the priorities for coordinated multidisciplinary outpatient care as patients transition from critical illness to complete recovery and functional independence.

Designed by clinicians to be fast and easy to use.

T6 replaces scrolling, clicking and box-checking with a completely reimagined user interface that’s easy to learn and fast to use.

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So intuitive, you already know how to use it.

T6’s data entry parallels the natural flow of team-based patient care.

Interactive elements are predictable — the right data fields open at the right time — and any one of the 3,000+ data fields is no more than three taps away for fast and accurate documentation.

Front-line decision support in an astonishingly dynamic environment.

T6 collects and analyzes a wide range of clinical data in real time to bolster situational awareness in stressful, uncertain and acutely evolving clinical situations.

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Advance quality through collective intelligence.

T6 measures and reveals adherence to processes and procedures established by evidence-based medicine.

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Evidence-based prevention programs and public health.

T6 unites frontline care, data science, system performance and public health policy.

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Situational awareness and coordination of multidisciplinary teams.

Imagine starting every day with bright visuals of all patients on your service and up-to-the-minute summaries of admissions, key events and important action items — right on your iPad®.

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Comprehensive guidance leads to clinical excellence and operational efficiency.

Collaborative visualization of clinical and economic data drives systemic progress toward optimal performance.

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News and Research

Research: A Combat Trauma Center Pilot Program

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
August 11, 2020

Quality data for better resource management.

A longitudinal perspective of each patient’s trajectory along the continuum of care reveals the amount of time and resources required to complete each clinical activity at each stage along the continuum.

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Improve costs by understanding expenses.

T6 automates time-driven, activity-based costing to provide a full picture of all cost contributors, economic trends and cost improvement opportunities.

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Get reimbursed for every performed activity.

T6 tracks all providers, procedures and services used by patients to improve financial performance of health systems.

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Data for everyone who needs it.

T6 shares data, eliminates rework and saves everyone time.

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Enhance Existing IT Investments.

T6 is built from the ground up by a team of technologists to meet security, information sharing and ecosystem integration requirements of modern health IT networks.

T6 integrates with FDA-approved vital signs monitors, imaging and other systems using APIs and health industry informatics standards such as HL7® versions 2 and 3 and FHIR® to facilitate secure, high-capacity integration and two-way data exchange within and between disparate clinical information and health record systems and devices:

  • Allscripts®, Cerner®, Epic®, and other EHR systems
  • Physiologic monitors
  • Diagnostic labs and radiology systems
  • Integration engines such as Redox®, Datica®, NexGen and HL7®- / FHIR®-compliant systems
  • ASC X12 XML standards for healthcare

T6 is fully and seamlessly deployable on any network; it exceeds Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards and operates securely along every step of patient information transfer and management. The architecture is designed to be adaptable and can operate in a HIPAA-compliant private cloud, in a public cloud, on-premises or in a combination of infrastructure resources. All data is encrypted using AES-256 and Transparent Data Encryption to ensure patient data security, and T6 integrates with existing VPN and supports multifactor authentication.

Beyond advanced security built into every Apple iOS® device, T6’s Mobile Device Management software provides IT departments complete visibility over devices and the power to enforce compliance with near real-time automated actions. These include lock and wipe for lost or stolen devices and application access restrictions from compromised devices.