Security, meet simplicity.

A transformative change in health technology

  • Improves quality and lowers costs of care through an EHR-agnostic, specialized patient management application
  • Promotes and supports a reliable and secure bidirectional data exchange with existing information systems
  • Ensures a short deployment cycle through cloud, on-premises, or any mix of implementation options

Over the past five decades, the increasing integration of trauma systems, and healthcare in general, has transformed the way we deliver trauma and complex acute care. And now, the collection and analysis of point-of-care data is poised to launch the next healthcare transformation.

Existing EHRs are designed for conventional administrative purposes—not for achieving highest quality care; not for ease of use or efficiency on the front lines of care; not for maximizing financial performance under fee-for-service and alternative payment models; and not for harnessing and analyzing data to solve real-world clinical problems.

What’s needed is a new generation of EHR-agnostic applications designed to supplement enterprise health information systems to improve care quality, patient experiences, financial performance, and clinician satisfaction.

What’s needed is T6—a point of care patient management application with a clinician-designed user interface for harnessing and analyzing clinical data for highest quality care; and an effectiveness reporting engine for ongoing assessment of the quality and value of healthcare.

Physiologic monitors
Other hit system

Architecture that
bends without breaking.

T6 is a mobile, EHR-agnostic, specialized patient management application designed by clinicians for clinicians—and built from the ground up by technologists to comply with implementation, security, information sharing and ecosystem integration requirements of health IT executives.

Intended to be flexible, T6 can be deployed in a private cloud, public cloud, on-premises, or as any combination.

Native iOS Application


RESTful API Platform


T6 Cloud Database

Hospital EHR

IT Monitoring and
Management Tools


Admin Portal


Integration Engine

  • Apple™ ecosystem for fast user adoption
  • EHR-agnostic and designed for interoperability: HL7, FHIRE, RESTful API interfaces
  • Admin portal with complete data management, export and analytics
  • IT monitoring and management tools

Secure, Smart, Safe.

T6’s HIPAA-compliant architecture is designed for connectivity and workflow integration with equipment and information systems in place today, and coming in the future.

Transparent data encryption
Always-on availability
Mobile device management

Get reaquainted with your desk.

Flexible deployment

in a cloud, on premises, or any combination

Security measures

ensure HIPAA-compliance and data integrity


and seamless integration with the existing technology ecosystem

Perpetual improvement

eliminates system downtime with
remote updates


using existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure

Works with you, not against you.

T6 ensures unrestricted flow of secure data through advanced integration capabilities, systemic interoperability, security and governance. Using industry-standard protocols, APIs, web services and FHIR—and by incorporating a powerful data integration engine—T6 simplifies its deployment cycle and helps IT teams ensure continuity of quality care.

Whether your team elects to configure clinical data to be exchanged on demand or at specific points along the care continuum—access, connectivity and clinical integration with the core information systems has never been easier.

No failure to communicate here.

Integrates fully with:

  • EHR systems including Allscripts™, Cerner™, Epic™, MEDITECH™, VistA™ and others
  • Physiologic monitor systems
  • Diagnostic labs and radiology systems
  • AD/LDAP servers
  • Other API or HL7 compliant systems

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The T6 data construction engine.

T6’s data construction engine enables providers to configure the application with their unique metadata quickly and efficiently—rendering their individual data fields and custom reports in a matter of seconds. Learn more >

Encryption at every level.

T6’s data construction engine enables providers to configure the application with their unique metadata quickly and efficiently—rendering their individual data fields and custom reports in a matter of seconds. Learn more >

Deployment shouldn’t be a synonym for working late.

  • Private cloud, public cloud, on-premises, or any combination deployment
  • On-site team training
  • 24/7 clinical and technical phone support

T6 is trusted.

Better data. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

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