Morad Hameed MD MPH FRCSC

Clinical Innovation | Founder

Morad Hameed’s career has focused on traumatic injury from many angles: as a surgical issue that requires the seamless coordination of skilled, multidisciplinary clinical teams; as a public health systems issue that requires integrated, population-based approaches; and as a global health crisis that requires thoughtful approaches to reducing vulnerability and optimizing the societal determinants of health.

Dr. Hameed completed medical school and general surgery residency training at the University of Alberta. His interest in trauma surgery and injury as a social and public health issue led him to the MPH Program at the Harvard School of Public Health, and subsequently to clinical fellowship Programs in Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care at the University of Miami.

He is currently a trauma surgeon and intensivist at the Vancouver General Hospital, and Associate Professor and Chief of the Section of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery at the University of British Columbia. He has been a dedicated and award winning surgical educator, serving as Director of both the UBC General Surgery Residency Program and the UBC Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Program. He also currently serves as the President of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons.

In recent years, Dr. Hameed’s research has explored ways to link systems of trauma care with emerging mobile digital technologies to create real time electronic data registries and point of care injury surveillance. These efforts led to the insight that multidimensional data from the point of injury care has the potential to promote best practices in trauma care, improve trauma system performance, and support clinical and public health research. Early work in this area has resulted in numerous scientific publications. He is an author on 93 peer reviewed papers and 13 textbook chapters, and the work of his teams has been recognized by national and international awards and national funding agencies.

As a founder and the Chief Innovation Officer of T6 Health Systems, Dr. Hameed brings a relentless focus on identifying and leveraging the greatest advances in digital technology, near real-time injury surveillance, data science and predictive analytics to improving the delivery of acute trauma and surgical care, and to addressing the societal burden of trauma and acute illness.

Dr. Hameed’s papers in PubMed:

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