Lew Cohen

Chief Executive | Founder

Lew Cohen started his business career as a chemical/lubricant salesman in the early 70s. After a short stint at a distributor, he struck out on his own and launched Regent Tape Corporation, a convertor of pressure sensitive tapes. In 1978, Regent Tape was acquired by Chelsea Industries, and just fourteen months later, in May of 1980, Lew founded Venture Tape.

Over the next twenty-eight years, with a relentless focus on innovation and optimization of the manufacturing processes, Venture Tape grew to become the premier global manufacturer of pressure-sensitive tapes for the thermal insulation industry, with manufacturing plants in the US, UK, Italy, Germany and Australia, and distribution centers in the US, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Korea and China.

Together with his engineering team, Mr. Cohen authored multiple patents for revolutionary ultra-low temperature acrylic adhesives, and launched New Horizon Technologies to polymerize the patented adhesives.

With 500 employees, Venture Tape was the third largest privately-held adhesive tape manufacturer in the US, when it was acquired in 2007 by 3M.

In 2009, Mr. Cohen, together with Igor Muravyov, launched a consumer electronics company, Wrapsol. The company engineered, patented, manufactured and distributed screen protection products for digital devices. Wrapsol was acquired in 2013 by Otter Products—the category-leader and billion-dollar global technology company.

In 2013, together with a private equity firm, Mr. Cohen acquired Argotec—the global leading supplier of urethane paint protection film for automobiles and laminating membranes for bulletproof glass. In just 2 years, Mr. Cohen and his executive team tripled the company’s EBITDA, and in October 2015, Argotec was acquired by SWM.

In 2014, Mr. Cohen became the CEO and a founder of T6 Health Systems—together with Igor Muravyov, Morad Hameed, Larissa Roux and Hubert Bandurski—to develop leading-edge technologies for real-time collection and analysis of clinical, operational and financial data in the care of trauma and acute care surgery patients. Mr. Cohen’s decades of experience in LEAN manufacturing principles adds a critical perspective to the growth of T6 and the development of its technology for analyzing and reducing variability along discreet steps of complex healthcare processes.

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