Hubert Bandurski

Technology | Founder

Although Hubert Bandurski completed B.Sc. in Computer Science, he was always attracted to solving difficult business problems through innovation, great user experiences, and fearless execution.

As the CTO of T6 Health Systems, Mr. Bandurski is responsible for leading all technology strategy activities that drive customer success and help our hospital partners deliver safer and more efficient healthcare solutions.

In his role, Mr. Bandurski ensures that there is a perfect balance between innovation, security and technology platforms that adhere to strict healthcare standards. He is passionate about meaningful data, mobile health, and creating seamless user interfaces.

Prior to joining T6, Mr. Bandurski held senior technology roles that drove innovative technology strategies for Fortune 500 companies.

For one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country, he created a multi-year strategy and roadmap for the next generation of products and services in the communications, entertainment, cloud storage and social networking space. He managed a budget of $20MM and a team of 120 people to converge a legacy telecommunication system into a digital connected platform that worked seamlessly across a variety of mobile devices.

His acumen for business and marketing led him to take over as President of a struggling 50-person digital agency and, in a span of 6 months, turn it into a profitable company catering to clients that included Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Sonos, Nissan and many others. Subsequently, the agency was sold to a larger agency where Hubert led the innovation and technology teams.

He was also chosen to be one of the 8 global advisors to Kellogg's Global Digital Initiatives, started multiple technology companies, won international awards, including the first ever D&AD Black Pencil for digital work. 

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