CIOs and Health IT Executives

The T6 application was built from the ground up by technologists to comply with implementation, security, data sharing and systems integration requirements of health IT executives.

More than just EHR integration

To ensure deployment success, we focused on the biggest barrier first: secure and reliable data flow between T6 and provider’s existing health information technologies.

T6 integrates not only with existing EHR systems, but with physiologic monitors, LDAP servers and other API or HL7 compliant health technologies. Real-time data from T6 can be sent to EHRs and other systems on demand or at specific times along the patient care continuum. And to increase portability and efficiency, T6 is designed to receive patient demographic information directly to its devices.

Proven integration engine

T6 uses industry standard protocols, flexible APIs, web services and FHIR; and incorporates Infor’s Cloverleaf™ data integration engine—which is deployed at thousands of hospitals around the world—to facilitate secure, high capacity integration and two-way data exchange within and between disparate information systems, health technology products, departments and providers—regardless of format or system. All of which serves to shorten the T6 development and deployment cycle.

Native support for various Health Information Exchange standards:

  • HL7
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
  • ASC X.12
  • Web services created for interoperability with EHRs, physiologic monitors, LDAP servers and other API or HL7 compliant information technologies—regardless of the source system, message format, or data exchange protocol

In addition, T6 has its own open APIs for fast development and deployment against other proprietary systems or those that support RESTful APIs.

The T6 data construction engine

T6’s data construction engine enables providers to configure the application with their individual metadata quickly and efficiently—rendering their specific data fields and custom reports in a matter of seconds through a self-serve, permission-based capability of T6.

Data encryption

Industry-validated hardware and software based encryption platforms protect transactions and stored data, even at the backup level. T6 encrypts PHI data to protect and maintain ownership throughout its lifecycle, whether the system is installed in a private cloud, public cloud, on-premises, or as any combination

Data auditing

Data auditing is handled via Hibernate Envers library. Each audited entity has an audit trail that stores the history of every change ever made.

Monitoring and management tools

Beyond the advanced security built into every iOS device, T6’s Mobile Device Management software provides IT departments complete visibility over devices, and the power to enforce compliance with near real-time automated actions. These include lock and wipe for lost or stolen devices, and application access restrictions from compromised devices.

T6 also provides IT staff with tools to ensure proper access and individual workflow permissions assignment and delegation.

Better data. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

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